Physical Signs Of Anxiety

anxiety physical signsWhen you have Anxiety Physical Symptoms Become a Part of the Mix Too

When you have a problem with anxiety or when you have Generalized Anxiety Disorder, you don’t always just experience the problem in emotional or psychological ways. With anxiety, physical symptoms are often part of the mix, too. Some of these, like tensed muscles, are so human, everyone has them. Other kinds of physical symptoms can be rare – like a person who has her hands and feet go numb when a wave of anxiety hits her.

Let’s look a little bit more closely at the kinds of physical symptoms that most often come into play in problems related to anxiety disorders.

When it comes anxiety, physical symptoms appear in the most out-of-control way when the anxiety reaches fever pitch – in the form of a full-blown panic attack. Now you need to be able to tell the difference between a Generalized Anxiety Disorder and something like a panic disorder that since the person into uncontrollable heart-stopping panic attacks.

As you might be able to tell by the name, a panic attack is kind of an attack – it strikes suddenly, sends a person’s heart racing uncomfortably, fills him with numbness and strange physical sensations of discomfort, and makes him think that perhaps he is on the verge of getting a heart attack.

A general panic attack on the other hand isn’t ever as palpable or as clearly defined. A person suffering from this lives in a near-constant state of physical unease. He may experience a racing heart somewhat, enough discomfort that he can’t go to sleep, and so on. But since he is on the slow boil, he’ll never actually be able to tell what exactly is going on.

About the first thing that people with chronic anxiety see go out the door is the expectation of a good night’s rest. Insomnia can be terrible for your physical health. And it can make it difficult for you to come by the presence of mind you need to deal with stress or anything that happens through your day. Lots of people with an anxiety problem will at some point start to take drugs like alprazolam or some sleep medication.

If you ever were in doubt that to those who felt anxiety physical symptoms were a given, you just have to look at the kind of digestive problems they go through. The digestive system tends to be very sensitive to anxiety. That’s why people with anxiety often experience ulcers – anxiety gives people a problem with stomach acidity that can hurt the stomach lining. It doesn’t help either that scores of people with anxiety often instinctively try to respond to their problem by eating too much or by drinking.

Those are just a few of the pointers to a general anxious state and are worth considering if you or a loved one are not too sure what is going on physically. It could clearly be a sign of stress and anxiety and in a age where teenage males in particular are reaching new highs (or lows) on the suicide statistics, these are the things to watch out for.


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