What is IBS?

Personally, I find it interesting that we first started to see IBS-like symptoms when we started to prescribe antibiotics on mass. Before then, IBS symptoms were virtually unheard of in medicine. For a long time, doctors said that it did not exist, but now we know a lot more. Sadly, it was only recently scientists developed a test for IBS which clearly showed there is a bacterial connection. It turns out that out of 100 sufferers, 98 people have developed IBS due to encountering some kind of bacteria. The problem is that most of the bacteria they have encountered, should not have caused IBS symptoms. So, why have they and could have something to do with antibiotics?

Antibiotics and IBS

I suffer IBS after an encounter with Salmonella. Of course, I was treated with antibiotics as my university doctor managed to scare me with his diagnosis. According to a gastroenterologist, I was already recovering when the antibiotics were prescribed. So, what caused my IBS, the antibiotics or the Salmonella?

Now, I know a lot better, and I truly believe that the antibiotics caused my IBS. If I had been allowed to recover naturally, I don’t think that I would have ended up with IBS at all. My go-to remedy is peppermint tea, coffee, and probiotics. Painful outbreaks do require treatment with Buscapan, and it does help.

But what is IBS?

If IBS is a reaction to antibiotics, it would explain a lot. Antibiotic treatments mean all bacteria are killed off, and even the good guys are affected. This would explain why so many IBS sufferers suffer from excess wind, diarrhea, and constipation. These are all classic signs of digestive system distress, it is horrible, but we can do a lot to help ourselves.

IBS also inflames the lining of the bowel, and it ‘s hard to deal with the inflammation. Funnily enough, the lining of the bowel is similar to the gel produced by flaxseeds, and you will find that this helps a lot if you take it before breakfast in the morning.

Antibiotics Today

Sadly, antibiotics are everywhere today, and this makes it every worse. It is next to impossible to treat to regrow probiotic bowel cultures, and we need to think about what we eat really.

We feed antibiotics to farm animals, and this means that they are passed on to us via the food chain. Some of them are so high that they may even cause us to develop IBS just from eating meat which contains antibiotics.

If, you are serious about treating IBS, you cannot use just one treatment. Here is one hot tip, forget the fact that IBS is in your head. More than likely, it is a physical problem and should be treated as such. Some people do find help from relaxation techniques and other practices such as yoga. But, I have never known an IBS sufferer to not feel better after switching from ordinary supermarket meat to organic meat. After all, organic meat does not contain antibiotics. So, what is IBS? Perhaps it is a sensitivity to antibiotics.